New Road Test Added – Motoring Life, February 1958

Back in the 1950’s the enthusiast’s source of car news was the Irish magazine, Motoring Life. The Autocar and The Motor were around, but it was well known that they were never openly critical, especially of British cars of the time. 

I have just published the first section of my commentary on the Motoring Life road test for the Fiat 1100, published in 1958.

You can read that by clicking here.

I’d love to know your thoughts on that – come back here after reading the road test and post your comments.

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  1. Wayne L. White June 28, 2012 at 07:37 #

    Fresh out of the Navy, I bought a ’58 Millecento. It had the bucket seats and was the first car I had ever driven that fit my 5-6, 120 pound frame. Nearly lost a girl friend when she tried to re-close the door at speed. She had a good grip on the door and I had a better one on her arm until I could stop the car. Electrical system was not up to lots of night driving. Set the regulator up and smoked the generator. Adapted a Ford generator and regulator that worked very well for the rest of my ownership. Lots of speed equipment as it was a favorite for Formula Junior in those days. Carburetor, cam, head, clutch and flywheel, and that wonderful Abarth exhaust. Definitely a fun car with that four on the tree shifter.

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