The History of SYI 67

I have just finished updating the “This Car” page of the website. This provides a brief history of SYI 67, the FIAT 1100 bought by my father in 1959.

Click here to read more about SYI 67.

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  1. Damien P.O'Gorman June 17, 2012 at 15:41 #

    Hi there owner of SYI 67, I found this article by pure chance, I was day dreaming or having one of those melancholy moments or something when my fathers first ever car came into my head, a Fiat 1100 with suicide-doors in grey with a white roof. So I went to Google Images for a look and here I am. As a five year old I stood looking through the windscreen on the passenger side as he drove (how many points would you get on your licence now for that 🙂 and acquired my lifelong love of cars and motoring, thanks to NZC 965 (or was it 965 NZC ?). Are you still in possession of SYI 67 and is it possible to view it at any up coming car shows? Thanks for your time and congrats on a great article it made me smile…. oh and its Fathers Day today.

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