Readers e-mail from Michigan, USA

This Fiat 1100 in Michigan, USA, must be a very rare car. It was brilliant to get this e-mail from a fellow Fiat 11oo state side.

Readers Fiat 1100, Michigan, USA

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Hi, I just found your website. I also have a 1959 1100 Millecento, not as nice as yours, but it spend most of it’s life in a barn here in Michigan, USA. Most of our cars rust away, but this one is pretty solid.

I have only driven it about a 1/2 mile since I bought it last year, I hope to drive it a bit further this year. I have fixed the brake master cylinder and front brakes, I am having trouble getting the rear brake drums off, but hope to replace the rubber parts in the rear brakes, and the driveshaft rubber joint soon.

It’s nice to meet another 103D owner.

I asked a few questions about the car, and what work was being done to it. The reader kindly responded again, and sent on a few photographs as well.

Readers Fiat 1100, Michigan USA

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Yes, my Millecento is rare in these parts, I don’t believe I ever saw one before. I found it for sale on the side of the highway and since I did not recognize it, I almost had to buy it.

I have been working to make it mechanically sound and hope to drive it around a bit this summer. I have been working the brakes but so far have not gotten the rear drums off, and I certainly do not want to damage them. I have a couple of pullers that I have used on other cars, but they do not fit the bolt pattern on the Fiat.

My current plan is to drive the car a little bit with the big nut that holds the brake drum on loosened up a couple of turns and see if that does not break the drum loose from the axle spline. If not I will have to come up with a different puller. And different bolts, on my car the left side wheel bolts are left hand thread.

My car has surprisingly little rust, I think it spent a lot more time in a garage or barn than it did on the road. The speedometer cable is disconnected, but it only reads 10,583 miles. I doubt it has 20,000 actual miles on it. I spent many years working as a mechanic, so I am pretty well equipped to deal with it.

Readers Fiat 1100, Michigan, USA

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I do have a service manual for it, but getting the master cylinder off was a bit of a challenge. It is very difficult to find any spare parts for the car. So far I have obtained front brake cylinder seals from Australia, brake hoses from Argentina, and I repaired the master cylinder using repair parts for a Wilwood racing master cylinder, only slight modifications were needed to make it fit.

I have attached a few pictures that I took when I first bought it, I hope to have some better ones soon, at least a little bit polished up.

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