Readers e-mail from Australia – part 2

I always say how great it is to be receiving e-mails from Fiat 1100 owners and enthusiasts from around the world. Last week, I published a readers e-mail from Australia.

The reader kindly followed up with some more details about their cars, and the Fiat 1100 in Australia:

I’ll come clean now and tell you I am an absolute Fiat 1100 nut. I have the following:-

1953 1100 103 series. This was made in the first few months of production and you are right. They are nice and light and they go extremely well. Much better acceleration than the later cars. I found this car in Canberra, capital city of Australia and about 800km from where we live. It was a garden ornament for 10 years just collecting leaves and rust unfortunately and it was given to me free of charge if I would restore it. I got it running but still have not finished the body.

1958 1100 TV Spider. I imported this car from Mexico and it is being restored at present.

1959 Stanguellini Formula Junior racing car which was based on Fiat 1100.I imported this one from France. Car 40 in the photos above.

1959 Moretti Formula Junior racing car. I imported this from Florida.

Readers Fiat 1100, Australia

Click for bigger

1959 Fiat 1100 Export… bought in Brisbane and cleaned up carefully. I had to travel 4000km to collect it and bring it back. It is a 70,000 mile original car. I use it in events.

1962 Fiat 1100D. I only got this a month ago… 39,000 miles from new and just fantastic. I have attached an article I wrote about getting it.

You are right about the nostalgia. Every time I drive an 1100 someone will come up and say “I learnt to drive in one of those”, or “we went for our honeymoon in one of those”, etc.

I might also tell you I have a large collection of other Italian cars but I really enjoy the Fiats. We used to have a farm where I had lots of sheds and could store cars. The Australian climate is reasonably favourable provided they are covered. When we sold the farm I bought a factory in the city to store my cars and to restore them.

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  1. Noel December 5, 2010 at 22:52 #

    I’m in a process of restoring a 1959 fiat 1100, but i can’t find parts for it, if someone can help me find them or tell me where to get them


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