Readers e-mail from Luigino

Many thanks to Luigino for the following e-mail:

Hello, I’ve been searching the Internet on Fiat 1100, and all the various makes.

I specialize in the Fiat 1100D models.

Currently, I’m in South Africa, from South Africa.

I also belong to the: website forum, and have put ina few technical articles, and manuals, which some of them are only assesible to members. Unfortunately, the membership was free, but then they made a membership fee.

Anyway, it would be good to hear is anyone has any archives or dispatch books on the number of various Fiat 1100 cars assembled in Australia.

MY Fiat was also assembled in South Africa, Durban, similar as yours, as a CKD kit.

The Fiat 1100D is actually a 1221cc engine, bored out version of original Fiat 1100 models with 1089cc engines. Basically, the Fiat 1100D engine, is the same engine as fitted on the Fiat 1200 models, although with only 1 x single choke downdraught carburetor.

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