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Readers e-mail from Brisbane, Australia

This e-mail came through from Karen, in Brisbane, Australia. If you’re interested in following up, please contact me via the Contact Page, and I’ll pass on your details:

I’ve just found your website while searching for interest in old Fiats in Australia. I’m doing this because my mother is talking about dismantling the ‘Fiat shed’ and getting rid of the cars under it. Perhaps if I hadn’t been so keen on travelling all over the world, I might’ve kept the car, in which I and my mother learned to drive, on the road.

My mother’s parents bought the 1956 Fiat Millecento from an in-law, but I don’t know how long they had it. I can remember the day they gave us the car. We tried to put my poor old grandfather in the back but he couldn’t bend himself to get in. I thought that was why we left without him, because he couldn’t get in!

Later as a teenager, I used to get 32 miles to the gallon and it had incredible take off from the lights. I liked surprising people in modern cars alongside me when I took off out front 🙂 Someone left me a note in a car park, offering me their same model for free, so there’s a rusting 1100 in Mum’s yard too. Also, we have a Fiat station wagon, that actually was used by the Aussie Folk band, Wikketywack, many years ago.

Reading about people’s enthusiasm for this car makes me nostalgic – and a bit regretful – but neither I nor my husband are handy with cars, so it wouldn’t be practical for us to restore it.

I would love to hear from anyone in Australia who may be interested in these vehicles. They are located in Brisbane.

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