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Fiat 1100 abandoned outside Tuam, Co. Galway

This e-mail came through from a reader of the site recently:

I used to see an 1100 like your car abandoned in a field a few miles outside Tuam, Co Galway up to the early 1990s, but I dont know whether it is there or not. I might look up Google Earth. I was in Rome in 2008 and I didnt see one example, compared to a few I had seen on a previous visit in 1983……. I do have a few models of this car, new ones in 1/43. Nice little car….

I remember this car – in fact, on one occasion I stopped on my way to Galway to see if I could have a look. The car was in a lot on which there was a mobile home.

It took some effort to get to the door of the mobile home because of the huge dogs that were around the place.

I asked for permission to check out the car, which I received, but sort of grudgingly so. I don’t really think that the resident / owner cared much for the car at all.

When I went over for a look, you wouldn’t believe the amount of bones that were around the car, inside and out. The car was obviously where the dogs were fed, or at least where they went to eat once they were given their meat bones.

It was an interesting experience.

You’re probably right about when the car either was removed, or when it just stopped being visible from the road. The lot itself did start getting overgrown a lot in the years after I visited.

As far as I remember, here’s the location – on the inside of the bend in the map linked here – View Larger Map.

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