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I use the brilliant Statcounter to track visitors to this website. It never ceases to amaze me when I see all the different countries where people are logging on and visiting this website.

I published a version of this picture below back in May last year (here), but the range of countries has increased greatly since then as well.

To everyone, from wherever you are, welcome. Feel free to drop me a message to let my know your interest in the Fiat1100.

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Readers E-Mails

53 years later, a connection to where this car was originally bought

R.E. Johnson Donegal Town
This image is copyrighted.

It’s e-mails like this that makes this website so exciting to work on. In February, I received an e-mail from the grandson of the gentleman, R.E. Johnson in Donegal Town, who sold this car to my father (as referred to here in the history of this car).

Beautiful car! R.E. Johnston Motors belonged to my grandfather. The company is long gone but Id love to get some reproduction dealer window stickers made up, I dont suppose your 1100 still has one? If so, any possibility you could put up or email me a picture of it?

I actually bought two Fiats from the same Mr. Johnson – a true gentleman.


Readers E-Mails

E-mail from John in New Zealand

John, from Invercargill in New Zealand sent me these lovely comments. As he highlighted, the wide variety of locations of the people contacting me via this website is just amazing (I wrote about this before here).

What a great website you’ve put together, and what a wonderful tribute to the Fiat 1100 (Millecento). Your enthusiasm is spreading far and wide – I found mention of your site on the Italian Millecento forum of which I’m a member, see the site here.

I’m in Invercargill, NZ, and have a tidy South African built 1961 1100-103D very similar to yours. There are still a few 1100s around – I know of a very nice one in Dunedin and another in Christchurch. I think the lack of salt on the roads has probably assisted in their survival…!

All the best, John.

It’s great getting these comments from Fiat1100 owners all around the world. Hopefully, John, if you see this, drop me an e-mail at if you’d like to share some photographs of your car.


Road Tests

Motoring Life – Fiat1100 Road Test article updated

In February 1958, the Motoring Life magazine published a Road Test article on the Fiat 1100 – Road Test No.66! Back in the 1950’s the enthusiast’s source of car news was the Irish magazine, Motoring Life. The Autocar and The Motor were around, but it was well known that they were never openly critical, especially of British cars of the time.

Click here to read the key points of what that review of the Fiat1100 said back then, with some additional thoughts and commentary from myself on the accuracy, or otherwise, of their findings.

Readers E-Mails

E-mail from Elaine about Fiat 1100’s and Fiat 1500’s

One of the main reasons I set up this website was my hope to hear from people interested in the Fiat 1100, particularly in Ireland. It was great then to get this e-mail from Elaine. (It was some time ago, however, so apologies Elaine).

hello there. Your 1100 is lovely,,, smashing colour,, my dad has two of them,they are 103 H’s .. he also has fiat 1500’s etc, We’re Fiat mad.!! I love the 1100’s. Finally I’ve found an Irish site.

I did check back with Elaine to see if she had any pictures that I could publish, but unfortunately I haven’t heard back. I’d love to know more – I’m not that sure which model the 1100H is.

The 1500 was a lovely car. I myself had 2 of them – a 1965 model in peacock blue (a lovely car, and lovely colour) and a 1967 model  in red.

Like the 1100 some years previously, the 1500 was ‘way ahead of its competitors in it day.

If anyone is e-mailing the site, you can use the Contact Page here, or if you would like to send on some pictures which I can share with everyone else visiting the site, you can e-mail me at