E-mail from John in New Zealand

John, from Invercargill in New Zealand sent me these lovely comments. As he highlighted, the wide variety of locations of the people contacting me via this website is just amazing (I wrote about this before here).

What a great website you’ve put together, and what a wonderful tribute to the Fiat 1100 (Millecento). Your enthusiasm is spreading far and wide – I found mention of your site on the Italian Millecento forum of which I’m a member, see the site here.

I’m in Invercargill, NZ, and have a tidy South African built 1961 1100-103D very similar to yours. There are still a few 1100s around – I know of a very nice one in Dunedin and another in Christchurch. I think the lack of salt on the roads has probably assisted in their survival…!

All the best, John.

It’s great getting these comments from Fiat1100 owners all around the world. Hopefully, John, if you see this, drop me an e-mail at info@fiat1100.net if you’d like to share some photographs of your car.


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