Whilst the 1100 was an old-established FIAT model designation, this series commenced in 1953 with the “New 1100”.

This was a modern shape for its time, using a well established 1089 cc OHV engine with cast-iron block and aluminium alloy cylinder head.

Front suspension had coil springs, with upper and lower wishbone arms; leaf springs at the back.

Both ends had double-acting hydraulic dampers, and anti-roll bars.

Front opening (suicide) front doors were a feature, quite common on Continental cars of the time.

This model continued, with variations which did not come to Ireland, until 1958.

There was also an Estate version called the Familiare which was also assembled here in Ireland.


The 1958 model was the 103D ( the SYI 67) which was an update that had a squared-off tail, larger rear window , a different front grille and larger headlights.

It also featured a single instrument binnacle with the then-fashionable strip speedometer; the earlier model had two circular instrument clusters.

A “De Luxe” 1100 was introduced in 1959,featuring extra chrome, and a 2-tone panel along the flanks.



Next ,in 1961, came the 1100 Special, with altered roofline, larger windscreen, further enlarged rear window, conventionally hinged doors, front quarter lights, and separate front seats.

This model continued until 1963, when a much –modified 103D, with a larger engine and rather featureless styling was introduced.

This was followed by the 1100R in 1966, by which time the basic design was well and truly outclassed.

The 1100R gave way to the 124 in 1969. The 1100Special body style had in fact been available in Europe since 1957 as the” Granluce”, with a 1200cc engine, but may not have been made in right-hand drive.


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